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Flower growing, the correct use of ferrous sulfate


Ferrous sulfate mainly plays a role in regulating soil acidity and alkalinity in flower cultivation. Neutral or alkaline soil can be used to change the slightly acidic state, or the alkaline soil can be changed to a neutral state. At the same time, it has a good effect on the treatment of yellowing disease caused by iron deficiency in plants.


1. Not all flowers can be raised with ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate can make the soil show slightly acidic when growing flowers. Therefore, ferrous sulfate is only suitable for flowers that like acidic soil, such as jasmine, gardenia, green radish, asparagus, rhododendron, rose, etc. But flowers that like alkaline soil cannot be used. When adjusting the pH of the soil, the method of watering should be selected.

2. Do not sprinkle ferrous sulfate powder directly in the flowerpot

Ferrous sulfate can only be dissolved to produce iron after it is dissolved in water. If ferrous sulfate is sprinkled directly in the pot soil, it will not produce iron and has no effect on the growth of flowers. Therefore, you must remember to mix ferrous sulfate into a solution before watering the flowers. It is recommended to choose 1 gram of ferrous sulfate and add 800 to 1200 grams of water to prepare the solution.

3. The ferrous sulfate needs to be sealed, ready for use

The ferrous sulfate should be sealed when it is used, and it should be sealed in time after it is used up and stored in a dry place. Because ferrous sulfate is exposed to the air or its solution is placed open, it is easy to cause ferrous sulfate to oxidize and lose its effect, so the prepared ferrous sulfate should be used in time.

4. Ferrous sulfate solution is better for foliar fertilizer

Putting the ferrous sulfate solution into the watering can and spraying the flower leaves can also make the flowers grow better, and the effect is better than pouring in the pot soil. However, ferrous sulfate is easily oxidized when sprayed on the leaf surface, and cannot be absorbed by flowers after oxidation, so you should not spray too much each time.

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